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Paraćin, Srbija
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On 22.12.2006., D.O.O. "Ishrana produkt" introduced standards of JUS 9001:2001 and HACCP – Analysis of danger and critical points. These are in line with the standards ALINORM 97/13 and 13/A, Addition II WHO/FAO Codex Alimentarious.


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Appellation: Q1.001
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Meeting our consumers’ needs in professional and profitable manner, and development of long term collaboration relationship with all business partners.

Product quality and safety is defined by Ishrana Product Managing Director. It acts as a frame and a benchmark for further definition of quality aims. Announcement regarding Product Quality and Safety Policy is visible, placed throughout company’s premises, while Managers of all units are obliged to keep all of the employees informed. In order to keep it relevant and active, all employees undergo a process of examining regarding Product Quality and Safety Policy, on annual basis.



The major aim of ISHRANA PRODUKT is to remain as the producer of fine baking goods that is recognized by the consumers for high quality and safety of products. We will reach it through:

- Establishing, maintaining and continuous improvement of quality, in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards
- Establishing, maintaining and continuous improvement of safety food management in accordance with RECOMMENDED INTERNATIONAL CODE OF PRACTICE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FOOD HYGIENE CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev.4 – 2003
- Continuous satisfaction level growth of our customers 
- Following and implementation of trends and recent technologies
- Employment of HACCP principles in production and new product development process
- Constant gaining of new know-how and employees motivation with the aim of achieving the best results
- Taking measures for suppliers’ quality improvement and creating partnership with them
- Coordination of the processes and products with Legal Regulations and Standards
- Information exchange regarding quality and safety of our products with external parties
- Environment Responsibility

All employees are obliged to implement their tasks in line with this policy. This policy is accessible to external parties.

Paraćin, 11.09.2006.