"Ishrana Produkt"




Vidovdanska 66,
Paraćin, Srbija
Tel/Fax: +381 (0)35 561 208

TIN: 102015433
Company Registration Number: 06991815



Productivity development

Ishrana produkt d.o.o. continuously seeks to improve its performance. Through collaboration with German Chamber of Commerce, Ishrana Produkt participates in Senior Experten Service (SES) programme whose operation is based on helping small and medium companies to improve their performance and efficiency. As part of the programme, Mr Willi Renn from Stuttgart shares his well pronounced industry expertise.

Senior Experten Service (SES) is the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation. SES is a non-profit organisation that offers professional consultation through special training of both specialist workers and management staff.

The programme focuses on small and medium companies where industry specialists share their expertise gained over years of professional experience. The aim of this cooperation is to improve productivity of production as well as other parts of the business.

SES consists of over 9000 Senior Experts who offer help and advice using their specialist knowledge of over 50 different sectors. Since the SES was founded in 1983 they have carried out over 23,500 assignments in 160 different countries.

Business development

In November 2006., senior experts from Ishrana Produkt d.o.o. attended a course in Aalst – Belgium. Aim of the course was to further expand the knowledge of chocolate as a raw material and learn about its application in the production process of ‘Gordi’ product as well as additional opportunities that can be fully exploited.

The course was organised by a well-known international company ‘Belcolade’ in the Aalst headquarters. Belcolade has been in the chocolate business for over a century and it actively participates in all stages of production process; from the early stage (production of cocoa in Ivory Coast) to the final output – the finest dark, milk and white chocolate.